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Learning to Not Get Overwhelmed

These past few days have been a whirlwind. We drove, in less than 2 days, from North Carolina to Texas after an eventful but short stay in Asheville, NC. We’ve been here in Texas for a few days in a state park, parked across from the Nouveaux Honkies, a music duo comprised of a high school friend I haven’t seen in 20 years and her hubby! Crazy how this meandering RV life brings people together!!

I’ve had such interesting and funny┬ástories to blog about but have been so busy, tired and stuck to know where to begin to write. So I signed up for Blogging 101. I hope taking this month long online course will teach me how to write better and make your reading of our adventures more interesting!

As many of you already know, we recently began living full-time in our camper, moving around the US. Mike owns a computer software and consulting company. I am his sales and marketing “department” and we are traveling around, calling on customers and experiencing the great American outdoors at the same time.

So far (a whopping two weeks) it’s been great running, hiking, biking through parks. Experiencing new towns and people. A bit stressful – trying to learn to live on the road in a camper with a dog and a cat – but we’re making it! My previous corner office has nothing on a camp chair, laptop on my lap, sitting under the tree shade with a light breeze rustling my hair.

I haven’t been blogging regularly since we started because, I won’t lie, I’ve been completely overwhelmed. By traveling, by trying to live in a confined space, by having our plans constantly changing, by the thought of having to write it out for everyone. I want to share. But I get exhausted just thinking about trying to relay the stories again. Hopefully life will settle down and with the help of this course I will learned to not get overwhelmed and we will all have fun!

So Long Asheville

Julie’s Note: I started this post Oct 29th. I drafted it and left it, and them got caught up with learning to live in a camper and then with blogging 101. So I’m backtracking and adding it to track our whereabouts since we left.

Although our stay in Asheville, NC was short we did have an eventful time here. Well, Monday wasn’t especially action packed. It’s starting to look as though the first day in a place is just getting settled and getting some real work done. As in, our jobs. Yes, we really are working!

But yesterday…. Yesterday we worked a few hours at the laundromat while doing a few loads. Then we drove out to a local running store to ask about a good running route. The guy at Foot Rx was very helpful! A beautiful trail run on the Blue Ridge Parkway!


But the real fun came that afternoon when we went on the Asheville Brews Cruise. Our guide, JC, was exceptionally knowledgeable about beer and the beer making process! He took Our small group of four to three local breweries where we tasted several of their beers and got to see their beer making facilities. Our newlywed tour mates, Tim and Mary from Indiana, were a fantastic fun!



After the tour few needed some sustenance and Asheville happens to have a great food scene in addition to beer. We headed to Curate, an authentic Spanish tapas bar. Delicious! I MUST stop when in Asheville!

We had way too little time in Asheville, but we will be back!