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A little harder than it looks

Blogging on the road is a little harder than I thought it would be. Right now we’re stopped in the middle of “nowhere west Texas” at a rest stop, interestingly, the only place we could find with a strong 4G cell signal. We left New Orleans a few days ago and are on our way to Phoenix. We were in NOLA for Mike’s birthday and boy did we have a blast!

We decided to stay at the very expensive (to us) French Quarter RV Resort. It’s normally $96/ night but was $90/night with our Good Sam’s discount. Prices are even more expensive during festival and game times. But looking at taxi fare to and from one of the state parks and it really did make sense. The park is on the northern edge of the FQ and we could walk to and from wherever and whenever we wanted. Breakfast beignets and coffee at Cafe du Monde in the morning and then back again at night… It’s also right beside the Louis Armstrong park which was a great place to walk Indy!

20150302_075610 Mike’s first beignet!!

And of course, our first morning in NOLA started with beignets and coffee at Cafe du Monde with an 8am Hurricane chaser!!

20150302_081833 All while walking through the streets and parks of New Orleans!!

We definitely took advantage of everything the city had to offer. *wink*wink* There’s really no place “funner” to be than right here on your birthday!

It started with lunch, on a beautiful balcony at Royal House Oyster Bar listening to live jazz drifting up from the street below. A scene right out of the movies!


Then to make sure everyone knows Mike is a birthday boy!!


A little later, a drink stop at the bar at Bourbon Orleans Hotel. Steven Lemley is bartender of the year!! DELICIOUS, fancy concoctions!!


And here’s one more I’ll tease you with of the crazy night….


Ok, well, it’s not even night here. But this is where I stop documenting our deviant behavior for public consumption. What happens in NOLA stays in NOLA.

But if you’re heading here we would definitely recommend splurging on French Quarter RV Resort due to proximity to the action. But be sure to check their website to see if you’ll be there during a “special occasion” that will run you more money.

We’ll be back New Orleans!!!

Fontainebleau… or Fountain Blue??

FontaineBleau State Park

I took German in high school and college, not Spanish or French. So my pronunciation of all things in southern Louisiana probably sounds like nails on a chalkboard to the locals. I just try and NOT pronounce anything questionable outloud. It saves us all the humiliation.

Last night we pulled into Fontainebleau State Park on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain. That lake may sound familiar to you. It’s the one where the dams broke during Katrina and flooded New Orleans, which lies to the south of the lake.

Online the park looked pretty nice. It had everything we wanted: RV sites with hook ups, trails, availability, warm weather…. (we don’t ask for much). When we pulled in after dark we thought we’d made a wrong turn into a subdivision! The entrance was brickwork on either side of the road with “FOUNTAINEBLEAU” in script letters on one side. Hmmm, fancy!

We found a good pull through spot, parked, made dinner and settled in for the night. This morning we were greeted to a moderate fog that snaked through the trees that dripped with Spanish moss. It was ethereal. We took Indy on a long walk to experience what we hadn’t seen in the dark of the previous night.

20141204_072435 (2)

20141204_072458 (2)

As we were exploring the park we saw huge trailers and tents set up in a far off parking lot so we headed over to check it out. Turns out there was a live movie shoot going on right there at the park!!!! A cop told us it was for “Man Down”, a military movie. My google search found this about it. Somewhere in that parking lot was Shia LaBeouf for certain! Maybe even Gary Oldman!! Although, we didn’t see them.

Although we did meet some of the people working on the set. Guys just hanging around until their portion of the movie was ready for them to work. How do you meet people on a movie set? By walking a huge dog that everyone wants to pet and ask questions about, that’s how!

That’s how we met Smitty. And how, after telling him we’re full-timers, got an invite to stay at his farm outside Tampa, Florida next time we’re in that area. This was after a conversation about Indy, and getting a full walk through of pictures of the large mouth bass caught out at his place. A picture show and tell wouldn’t be complete without a doting grandpa showing us a picture of his 4 year old grandson and the 9 pounder he landed (almost all by himself).

Smitty, we just may take you up on that offer!!!