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The Most Underrated City Ever – Dayton

I know, I know. You hear “Dayton, Ohio” and you’re like… what? Who cares.

But let me tell you. You should care. After almost 4 years of travel this is the most underrated city we have EVER visited!

I don’t even know where to start. The beautiful artwork and murals? The awesome craft beer, breweries and restaurants? The fountains? The bike paths and parks?? Cutesy neighborhoods??

Since we’ve been in Dayton there has been a HUGE Celtic festival. There’s a German festival going on right now. I have biked the neatest, cross-town bike paths, seen fantastic fountains and imbibed at the most unique and coolest bars and restaurants ever!

Today we biked with a group around Dayton and stopped at R- Taco. It’s a small taco joint that also sells margaritas and beer. In my book that gets a rating of #1!! Order single tacos or a dozen. Choice is yours. Inside and outside seating. Granted, they have locations in OH as well as TX, NM, NE, MN, CO and IA. But it’s still a great location in a great neighborhood!

We also stopped at another bar… or should I even call it a bar? Proto Buildbar serves beer and cider but also….. has 3-D printers, soldering tools and other delightful nerdy things you can rent!!!! This is such a unique concept I can hardly wrap my head around it! AND they have a life-size giant claw game!!!!

Having run, biked, walked and driven through town, you see all sorts of murals painted on walls of buildings. I have never seen so much artwork in a town! Even the graffiti! It’s like all the graffiti artists got together and agreed they would respect each other’s art, not paint over each other and provide a unique artistic angle to their artwork. It’s beautiful!

We only came to the Dayton area because we made friends months ago who lived here. But we have not been disappointed. I’m sure the winters aren’t fantastic – I mean, it does snow here. And I’ve heard when the river floods, it FLOODS. But hey, that’s river life in most places, especially in the midwest.

About an hour north of Cincinnati, Dayton should be on your list of places to visit. Dayton has a minor league baseball team and summer festivals are sure to keep you busy. This town is a hidden gem!