About Julie and Michael


What happens when two people meet who love to run, drink beer and have lots of adventures? They fall in love and decide to hit the road, living out of a camper, that’s what!

Yep, that’s Julie and Michael’s story in a nutshell. But there’s more to it than that. (there always is…)  To really understand how they started this crazy adventure you need to know about hashing. They are hashers. No, they’re not throwback pot smokers from the 70’s. Hashers are affectionately known as “Drinkers with a running problem.” More specifically, they are “Hash House Harriers”, an international group of runners that get together with their local “kennel” for socializing, running, and of course, drinkin’ beer!  Want to learn more about the history of hashing? Check this out.

Since clubs exist all over the WORLD Michael and Julie try and catch up with the drinkers, ahem, runners, whenever they can. Their home kennel is SOH4 in Syracuse, NY. They both look forward to meeting new people and catching a glimpse of the local community. Want to find a club near you? We found the easiest place is to search Meetup.com or google “Hashing” or “Hash House Harriers” and the town for most accurate and up-to-date results.

That’s how the two met. How they decided to hit the road? Well, that’s another story.

Michael has been a small business owner in the software and consulting industry for almost 20 years. He spent many years working hard building his business so now he can run it from anywhere – so long as he has WiFi and a laptop.

One August day Mike was sitting outside in Syracuse, New York, diligently working on his laptop when a leaf floated down and landed on his keyboard. He realized it was just a matter of time before the harsh, bitter Syracuse snow would be falling. He’d spent almost 30 years battling the months and months of dreary, blizzard-like conditions and had decided he’d had enough. He approached Julie about getting out of town for the winter.

Julie had worked in corporate America her entire career. She sorely needed a scenery change too and luckily Michael was hiring for a sales and marketing position – EXACTLY her background! She too only requires WiFi and a laptop to ‘git her done.

They decided that while on the road, in addition to their day jobs, they plan to run, hike, bike, rollerblade, swim and triathlon their way across the great expanse of the United States. And may even take up some new activities so long as they involve fun and silliness the way.

And that, folks, is how two people decide to sell, donate and give away almost everything they own except what will fit in a POD storage container and a camper.

A previous Class A owner, Michael is familiar with RVing but this is his first time full-timing it. Julie grew up backpacking but her only experience with a camper was a few summers with her dad in a small pop-up camper. Michael and Julie spent many weeks retrofitting their 2010 23′ Coachman Freedom Express to make themselves comfortable living on the road. Then after two months on the road they traded in their truck and camper for a bigger truck and a bigger camper! A 2014 Ram 3500 dually and a 39′ 2008 Keystone Raptor toy hauler.

The camper wouldn’t be complete without two additional traveling companions, Indy – an 80 lb. great dane/ hound mix and Ries – an orange short-haired tabby. Indy is a 5 year-old rescue from Ithaca, NY. He loves the camper and loves long walks even more! Ries is a 15 year-old kitty rescued from Fort Collins, CO. Don’t be fooled by his age! He’s in excellent health, relaxes in the truck for long rides and just chills out in the camper.

20140905_183345 (2)

20141110_125710 (2)

Follow our adventures! Laugh with us (at us?)! Share your stories with us. Everything is always more fun with company!

Julie and Michael

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Where we capture our shenanigans as we work and play, traveling the US, living out of our camper!