Full time downfalls

Of course full time RVing has lots of pros. But there are a few cons too. Exercise, for instance.

I told myself I’d have all the time in the world to exercise when we were on the road. That’s partially true – I do have more free time. But I never considered how much of a routine you can get into at home. A routine that I’ve found impossible to find on the road.

The easiest exercise for me is running (although probably my least favorite). But sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to find a new route in an unfamiliar place. But I try.

I like to road bike and mountain bike. These are significantly harder to do. Not many places in the US are bike friendly. Not to mention that Mike hates to ride on the road. So that forces us to find paved bike trails. *If* we can find them they are usually great! Most often then not they just don’t exist.

Weight lifting is my favorite. I have not been on a lifting program since we started full timing. Almost 4 years!!! My body is screaming at me too. Where there was once tight, strong muscle there is now atrophied mass and and unusual amount of cellulite. Swimming is good too but we aren’t always close to a YMCA. Which is also the reason I haven’t been lifting consistently.

Here’s the thing. When you live in a house with someone you presumably have 2 cars and go about your own routine. In a camper, when you’re always moving around and have 1 vehicle, this routine is non-existent. If I want to run in the morning, instead of just going, I wait until Mike is ready. That’s not usually until the afternoon. By then I’ve lost motivation and it’s usually hot as balls. I’ll do it but it absolutely kills me.

If I want to bike I also wait for Mike. But he doesn’t like riding on roads so it’s a hunt to see if/where there are trails.

If I want to swim I have to find a pool. And Mike really hates it soooo…

Is it Mike’s fault for me not working out??? NO! Absolutely not! It’s my fault for not just doing what I know I need to do when I need to do it. Mike might want to go for a run with me but I need to do it when I need to for my body. (Usually in the am).

This is an interesting trap I have found myself in that I didn’t expect.

So I’m trying to turn this sinking ship (aka – my large ass) around. This morning, in SC, I got my butt out for a run before it got too hot.

Did it feel good? Honestly, no. It did not. I felt like a fat, sluggish, 2 ton bouncy ball bumpin’ down a dirt road. Every step hurt my joints. My heart rate would skyrocket after about 100 steps forcing me to walk a bit. Which, by the way, if seen by a bystander, they probably couldn’t tell the difference between my “run” and my walk.

Was it embarrassing? ABSOLUTELY! Times like these I’m glad I’m alone.

But I did it. And I need to do it again tomorrow. And if my joints hurt too bad in the morning then I’ll just walk. Because this unhealthy “situation” I’ve gotten myself in is NOT sustainable.

(This is my face for the “Julie, get your shit together” talk.)

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