Going… home??

We wrapped up Dayton shennanigans with friends and headed back east. Stopped last night outside if Cleveland to meet up with my cousin Laura and her hubby, Bill. Laura and I do look similar, our moms are sisters, but a few months ago we got mistaken for sisters!!❤️❤️

This morning we got out if town fairly early and are now almost to Syracuse. This is, was, our home town. We haven’t been back in a few years. True to form it’s cold (for August) and rainy here. Two of the three main reasons Mike wanted to eave in the first place. (Snow was #1, in case you’re wondering.)

We’re excited to be able to meet up with friends we haven’t seen in a while but I also think Mike has a countdown somewhere that’s he’s tracking days until we leave. We both have a lot of mixed feelings coming back. August is generally a good time to visit and it looks like the weather is going to clear up soon and it should he delightful while we’re here.

We are planning on staying at the Elks lodde just a few miles from.where we used to live. Funny it never occurred to us to become Elks while we lived here. But we ar e now and can’t wait to meet some new people and maybe some we already know!!!

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