A Great Way to RV – Elks Lodges

About two years ago Mike and I joined the Elks lodge in Phoenix, AZ. We kept seeing lodges pop up on one of our overnight camping apps but every entry included “Must be a member to park”.  The costs were minimal, usually anywhere from $10-25/night! Some are dry camping, some have electric hook up and some even have little RV parks!

We get a lot of jokes about us being so “young”  to be Elks from people who are not Elks. Yes, the average age of an Elk member tends to be on the grayer side – but this is only because most lodges have had a difficult time recruiting “younger blood”. This is by no means an “old person” club.  It’s a social/philanthropic organization that does a lot for kids and military (active and retired).

The great parking options was the original reason we joined the Elks. However it has become so much of a family for us! We can pull into an Elks, go inside, sit at the bar and just meet the neatest people! We always feel welcome and have some great experiences. Some lodges are large with lots of amenities.  Our Phoenix lodge has a pool, 2 racquetball courts and a small gym! (And showers!!) Although we have to dry camp in the parking lot. But we don’t mind especially with the showers so close. They also are large enough to have dinner every night. So if I’m feeling lazy I can feed the 2 of us at the Phoenix Elks lodge at the Friday night steak fry for $8-$12 each!!! The whole meal with sides and everything!! (salad, bread, potatoes or something similar!) You can’t beat that!!!

Did I mention it’s inexpensive food and drinks?!?!?!  There aren’t many bars anymore where you can get a pint of Bud Light for $2 or less!

I really encourage you to look into your local lodge and see if it’s a fit for you, whether you RV or not.

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