Things you don’t consider before living in an RV….

When deciding to live full-time in an RV some people take years to plan and prepare. Sometimes it’s because it’s a couples’ retirement plan. Or they have little kids and need a solid plan to homeschool them on the road. Not us. We bought a camper for fun, almost on a whim. Within 2 weeks we were talking about living in it seasonally. Another few weeks after that we had decided it wasn’t worth the money to keep our brick and mortar home. Full-timin’ it is!!

There are the obvious things you know are going to be different from living in a “house” as opposed to living in a “camper”. Smaller space, toilet and shower work different and there may be some planning of facility use along the way. Cooking is a bit cramped and baking is definitely a pain in the butt. (Casseroles are all but out of our menu since I can’t get the damn things to cook evenly, let alone all the way through. Which perplexes me since the oven is about a tenth of the size of one in a home. I guess it doesn’t hold heat for crap…)

But when you’re living and working in an RV…. let me give you some background.

I’m, according to all therapy guides, an only child. My little brother and I are eleven (yes, 11) years apart. Professionals would describe us each as two, single children. We really grew up apart. Just about the only thing our childhoods have in common are the same parents and suburbs. We didn’t even grow up in the same part of the country!

Michael, on the other hand, is the fifth of seven. Yes, 5 of 7. I cannot even comprehend. Not only that, he grew up out in the country. Where your mom says “get outside and run around the house until it’s dark or I call you in for dinner.” That kind of country. Where your graduating class was forty kids. Yes, 40. And 10 of them were cousins. (You can’t make that up…)

If you know anything about psychology, or kids…. you might already have figured this one out. I know how to entertain myself for hours on end. I did it most of my childhood. No one required I be quiet about it. I actually had TWO invisible friends! (Mike gets a kick out of that.) Just so long as I stay busy and out of everyone’s hair.

Mike cannot entertain himself. He requires other people to participate with him. However, when he’s working he can concentrate like a lion ready to pounce.

You see where I’m going with this…..

Currently Mike is trying to work out a software bug. I’m done with work for the day. In my mind I’m leaving him alone to do his thing. I’m entertaining myself. Like, watching tv, singing kitty cat songs to the cat. (don’t you judge me!) Hell, I might even be having a full conversation out loud. With myself. I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve done that my whole life. It’s how single kids get along alone.

Did I mention “our” office is our “living room” sofa?

Do you know anything about software coding? Like, as in, it’s preferable to have complete silence?

In a “house” the obvious solution is to have a space dedicated to an office. For Mike, preferably sound proof. In a camper? That’s not really an option.

So now I’m getting “honey, I love your kitty cat songs but I can’t really concentrate.”

Shit. That was a good song I was singin’! And the cat wasn’t even fighting to get away this time!!

And “honey, I really do love your kitty cat songs. I really do! Just not right at this moment.”

So now I’m blogging about this, if anything, just to keep my pie hole shut until he’s done. But I hope you got a little laugh out of “things you con’t consider before living in an RV”.

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