So Cal and Lovin’ It!

Disney was nice but we headed to San Diego to do a triathlon!!! A few months back we were interested in doing another triathlon so I started looking for one while we were in Phoenix in March. However I couldn’t find one that had an outdoor swim that early in the season. (by outdoor swim, I mean in a lake or other body of water. I did find some that had you doing laps in an indoor pool before you headed out on your bike. We weren’t interested in that.) I finally stumbled across a tri in San Diego after we were scheduled to be in Anaheim. We were in!!

Our last tri was in January in Naples, Florida. I will dispense with the excuses and just say, we did not train for this triathlon. I do not endorse this at all. Luckily it was a short swim and bike (250 meters and 10 miles, respectively) before the usual 5K run. Our Naples race was a 750 meter swim and a 12.1 mile bike ride with the 5K run (3.1 miles).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with triathlons, there are many different lengths. You may be familiar with the Ironman, which is the equivalent of an ultra-marathon! The distance we do is called a sprint. For comparison, a full Ironman distance is 2.4 mile swim (3.86km), 112 mile bike ride (180.25km) and a marathon run (26.2 miles/ 42.2km). You will never catch us doing an Ironman, or a half-Ironman for that matter. And if you read me mention the Irongirl… that’s just a sprint series for women only. Don’t be confused!

The tri was at South Shores Park at Mission Bay in San Diego. I booked us an RV spot at the opposite end of the bay at Mission Bay RV Resort, the closest place I could find. It literally is an asphalt parking lot – exactly what we try and avoid – but there is a definite California vibe here that even Mike loves! So much so that we extended our reservation for two extra days! It sits across the street from the water and beach and a park. There’s been a Hawaiian festival going on in the park the whole weekend we arrived!

We got up early, donned our tri suits and squeezed into our wetsuits, lucky they still fit! We got in that bay salt water and tri-ed out little hearts out. Sometimes it’s just knowing there’s free beer that the end that keep you going!



But we did it! And we’re still walking with no major injuries!

But we were exhausted, COVERED in salt so we headed the few minutes back to our campsite to shower and rest.

Side note: that was the saltiest ocean swim we have ever done! Much more so than the Gulf of Mexico swim we did in Naples! You can’t see it in the pictures above but we had salt marks all over our suits and our skin, hair, eyebrows, everywhere, was crusted with salt!

After our nap we headed over to the Hawaiian festival to walk around and grab some much deserved grub! We thought it would be fun to take Indy with us since he’d been inside all morning by himself. It was a beautiful day, light breeze…. When we got there Michael took Indy to walk by the water while I stood in line to get us 2 big Hawaiian combo platters! There was rice and shredded pork, pork wrapped and cooked in some type of leaf, a soup with what looked like rice noodles and something that looked like salmon ceviche. A feast!!

We found an empty picnic table and, after shooing away the gulls and tying Indy’s leash to the table leg, we sat down to enjoy our meal. We had only been able to sample a taste of each item on our plates when we heard “DOG! Hey, loose dog!!”

Sure enough, Indy was sauntering away from us! Somehow, when we had our faces buried in our food, he had managed to get out of his HARNESS!! Mike casually got up and started walking towards him, calling his name, hoping he’d just walk back to us. We know that if you run after him he definitely runs away! But nooo…. that little pooper, once he realized we knew he was free, took off! And Mike followed, in his Crocs and socks!

I sat there dumbfounded, not exactly sure what to do. At least Mike had Crocs on that wrapped around the back of his feet. I had on the soccer slip-on style Crocs and running was out of the question.  Did I mention this park sits right on the edge of I-5?!? I tried not to panic. I kept telling myself that either Mike would get him or someone, with all these people at this festival, would grab him. He did run right for the parking lot. (right towards the interstate….)

Right about then I see Mike walking back through the grass, holding Indy by the collar. (which is separate from the harness he got out of.) I got up, unhooked the harness from the lead and took it to Mike where he was talking with some people who appeared to have helped him, and we harnessed him back up, explaining to the astonished crowd that THIS was the harness our Houdini dog got out of. No one believed it. (it’s quite a complicated harness!)  Seems Mike caught him because someone in the parking lot opened their car door and Indy ran up to them and tried to jump in! Figures…

We started to walk the 50 meters back to our picnic table when we saw it. The table – and our food – covered in gulls! We had just started eating. We had been starving and they were eating all our food!!! ($30 worth of festival food, might I add…)


That was it. Indy was grounded. Time for him to go home.  When Mike got  back to the festival we started over with our food. But somehow it just didn’t taste the same when you still have the taste of fear of your dog running into traffic in your mouth…

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