Beautiful Rocks

Who knew rocks could be so beautiful???


We left Phoenix yesterday to explore a bit of northern Arizona before picking up Mike’s kids for their spring break vacation tomorrow. Ideally I tried to get us into a campground in Sedona but I stumbled on this gem in Prescott, AZ. Point of Rocks Campground is an unassuming campground nested in the most gorgeous rocks I’ve not seen since the Flat Irons of the Red Rocks Amphitheater outside of Denver, Colorado. I haven’t discovered the geologic history yet but it’s next on my list!

Point of Rocks a Good Sam park, so the 10% discount applies. I was skeptical, but our rig actually DID fit! When you drive in and see all the sites squeezed in between the rock formations you might not believe it either. There’s more room than you think. Our site (#56) isn’t even tight. Not only are the rocks breathtaking here but there is a path leading directly to Watson Lake. There are no words. Perfect photography opportunities!

We were able to immediately meet our two sociable neighbors. Both couples are full-timing it. One younger couple, from Montana, with two youngsters just started not long ago. It was great as we both traded blogging cards!!! How fun!!! It’s great to meet like-minded people on the road! This is the RVing experience I was looking forward to!

I finally feel like a genuine full timer now!

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