Call Me Grease Monkey *wink*

Living out of an RV has it’s own list of unique challenges. And I’m here to keep all my family and friends informed of our day-to-day living situation. Partly to help ease the jealously we instill when posting pictures of sunny Florida or Arizona while the rest of you are buried under 4 feet of heavy, wet, disgusting snow.

Currently in Phoenix it has been hot as hades. Well, for March, anyways. I’ve been told it’s typically in the 70’s this time of year. But the two weeks we’ve been here it’s been in the 80’s and 90’s. The nights get a lovely temperature of cool that is perfect to sleep with the windows and screens open. But in the late part of the day? Whew! The heat builds up in here and I keep checking the dog and cat to be sure we don’t have animal jerky.

20150323_150529 20150323_162502

The cat wilts so easily.

We haven’t bothered to turn on the A/C much. We have a little window fan and then we switch on a bigger fan in the “garage” to pull out the heat out through the ceiling. That’s been working but we finally broke down and flipped the generator on to run the A/C a few times. (We’re currently plugged into my friend’s regular ‘ol house plug. We need plugged into 50amp in order to run our heavy users, like our A/C.) However, our generator has been sounding a bit sick lately.

The number one rule of a generator – USE IT! We suspect the previous owners didn’t use it much. Based on the rough idle it was clear the carburetor needed cleaned out.

Thank god for YouTube!!!

I found this awesome video based on our model of generator. It walks you through how to clean the carburetor! Michael has been exceptionally busy with work lately so I was on my own. It sounded a million times better after I cleaned it. I will admit to cleaning it again the next day and letting the cleaning solution sit a lot longer. Just to be sure…

But then it would stall out.

I wonder when was the last time anyone checked the oil… or changed it…..

Ugh, it was low and so, so dark and dirty. I used the manual to do this one. But I did need Mike’s help in getting the oil filter loose. Stupid, tight filter. I couldn’t get it to budge. But seeing how hard of a time Mike had trying to unscrew it, I didn’t feel so helpless.

So now it’s running MUCH better. I’ll admit to a hiccup here and there so I’m having “a guy” come and look at it anyway. When you live in this thing you need to be sure it’s running in top condition. We might need something replaced, not just cleaned. But it is nice to know that I can figure out some easy engine “stuff” too!!

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