Tri, Tri and Tri Again!!

Third time’s a charm, right? Well, for Mike it is, anyway. He’s a runner and I convinced him to do a triathlon. I had already done two and I was hooked. He said he was interested but there were some hurdles in the way.

“But I don’t have a bike.”

No problem. I snookered him into his first 100 mile charity bike ride in September of 2013. And he even agreed to do it again the following year!! And we recruited more friends to do it with us each year!

20140926_173801  20140926_075340

“But I don’t swim.”

A lot of people who run and bike don’t do tris because they aren’t comfortable swimming. I was like that too. I had worked with a tri coach for the swimming part. But I ended up signing us up for a free tri swim lessons at our local YMCA. (we’re members. FREE is AWESOME!!)

I would be lying if I said, “and that was it. I signed us up and we did a triathlon.” Let’s just say there were a few bumps in the road.

  • I might regret putting this out in public, but Mike wasn’t too thrilled with the swimming part. And when I say “not too thrilled” I mean he went into it kicking and screaming complaining. No matter what I suggested, – the Y lessons, my tri coach, etc. – he was not happy with the results. Here’s the part I’ll probably regret – honestly I think he was just frustrated, like a lot of people, when you’re athletically inclined and come across something that just doesn’t come to you naturally within 30 minutes, you’re stumped. And he was as stumped as a dead tree in cleared forest. He was never in danger of drowning, no matter what stories he might try and tell you – he’s been in and around water his whole life. But he eventually got comfortable enough with it – and prefered swimming in a wetsuit. Go figure… Swim cap heads    20141205_152144
  • MISSED TRI #1 – We ended up dropping out of the first tri I signed us up for – I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY. Turns out I needed unexpected surgery a month before the race and there was no way I would be in any shape to do it. And because we’re the cutesy, vomit-inducing couple that we are, we HAD to do it together. It was Mike’s first tri, after all!
  • MISSED TRI #2 – The second tri I signed us up for is also COMPLETELY MY FAULT. Seriously, I schedule shit. I plan ahead. Months and months in advance. I cross T’s and dot I’s. But the tri we were going to do was part of a weekend extravaganza of races. And I accidently got the right race on the wrong day. And I couldn’t have been lucky enough to think the race was on a Saturday when it was on a Sunday… Noooooo. That’s not how the race gods work. Those bitches like to laugh and laugh at you when you realize Saturday morning as you’re at the GREAT NEW YORK STATE FAIR, your tri is starting without you because you thought it was Sunday.

So when we decided to RV full-time I had the fantastic idea of doing Mike’s first Tri in Naples, FL. Friends of mine had flown down from NY the year before and done it and gave it good reviews. It was an ocean swim, (Mike LOVES the ocean!!), and flat bike and run courses. It sounded like a great first tri!

And so we did!! In wetsuits, ‘cuz that ocean water was chilly!! As it turned out, I happened to find Mike during the swim, and again, because WE’RE BIG, LOVEY DORKS, we did the rest of the course together. As we approached the finish line we held hands. (awww!! *eyelash flutter* ) The MC could be heard saying what a cute picture it was going to make.

No, no, a cute picture it did NOT make. An AWFUL, HILARIOUS picture is what it made!!



But, seriously folks…

We did it!!

Low Res Naples 2015


And he swears he’s hooked and wants to know when we’re going to do the next one!

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