The Condensed Version

I bet I know the questions you’ve been dying to ask but are too afraid to ask them. “Are they still RVing? Did they break up? What’s going on? Why haven’t there been any blog posts?”

I’m happy to report the following:

Yes, we are still RVing!! We are currently in south Florida, around Jupiter. It’s gorgeous here!

No, we did not break up. As a matter of fact, we are now engaged. 😉

There has been quite a lot going on and I’ve been exceptionally lazy and unmotivated to post about it all. Sometimes when you live through it you just don’t want to talk about it over and over. But things have settled down so I’ll condense it.

We spent the holidays with my dad in South Carolina. We had been thinking of eventually upgrading our camper to something bigger than our 26′ pull behind. The two driving forces were 1) a bigger cooking area and 2) a bigger space to accommodate the two of us and a big dog. (A cat really doesn’t take up much room.) We had very specific things we wanted in the camper and we wanted to buy used so we figured it would take us close to a year to find what we wanted. In the meantime we thought it best to get a bigger truck to be prepared for when we found the perfect camper and wouldn’t be stuck without a way to tow it.

So we bought this beaut! A 2014 Ram 3500 Dually Laramie. She’s AWESOME!

Ram LoRes

Well, she was until this happened a few days later on the interstate, with less than 500 miles on her. Luckily we weren’t towing anything.


I will spare you the days and days of details and finger pointing between Ram, the tire manufacturer, etc…. But in the end it turned out to be caused by valve stem bolts not being tightened and therefore the stem coming out and blowing out the tire. The bolts were loose on two other valve stems…. I’m still dealing with the dealership in NC to try and get it rectified. (you know, like getting myself reimbursed for a new tire, etc… ) It’s been tough because we bought the truck in NC and we are full timing RVers so it’s hard to get anything taken care of but I’m sure we’ll get it done!

In the end it was a good idea we got the truck because as luck would have it, we found the perfect camper. In Georgia! So New Year’s Day we headed to Macon. I had already wheeled and dealed with the sales person via text and email over the previous several days. Had sent him 22 pictures of our trade and exactly what we were willing to pay. After a few days he sent me a worksheet that he had said was signed by the manager.

DEAL! We were driving to come and get her. I texted him when we were a few hours out. He said ok, he’d meet us there.

We showed up and were told our sales guy didn’t work on Thursdays. Um, he said he was going to meet us.

Crickets. You could hear crickets chirping. Sales reps looked at each other. We looked at them. They looked back at each other. Finally one had the mind to step in and say that he’d take care of us until our guy got there. Perfect.

But our guy never showed up.

So another condensed version, we got a new sales rep, had to spend the night in the parking lot of Camping World Macon and our original sales rep got himself fired. On the upside, the staff (by now everyone knew what had happened to us) was exceptionally friendly and treated us great. They hooked us up with power at night in the parking lot. Our new rep, Tressa, would even knock before she left at night to see if we needed anything.

So now we are the proud owners of a 39′ Keystone Raptor 5th wheel toyhauler.

Raptor LoRes  Raptor2 LowRes

After our fun “upgrade” we headed to Naples to participate in Mike’s first and my third triathlon!!


I believe Mike is hooked. He keeps asking me when we are going to do our next one!!

And to round out our news update – January 28th is my birthday and also when we went on our first date. Michael decided it would be an excellent day to also ask me to marry him.


So that is the condensed version that brings you up-to-speed. Hopefully I won’t slack off from here on out. We plan on being in south Florida for a few more weeks so we’ll see what fun adventures are waiting!

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