My first breakdown

I won’t lie. Living out of a camper with a dog and a cat isn’t the easiest life. Can I say “FUR”?! Everywhere. On the floor, on the bedspread, in the sheets, on the counters, on the gas stove top…. I know, I make it sound like we live like hooligans, but I swear, we don’t! I’m sure it was this way in our house. But spread out over a lot more square footage and therefore not nearly as noticeable.

I had my first breakdown the other day. But in order to justify it I should first explain the argentine ants.

We are currently staying at Cedar Hill State Park in Texas. Great park! I highly recommend it. Site 128 is a great location for a long camper, 5th wheel or RV. Did I mention they have 50/30 amp service and sewer at a lot of sites?! (including 128) This site even has water access to the lake.

But the park also has argentine ants. I had no idea what those were. Apparently when you check in they are supposed to give you a little sheet explaining how to keep them out of your campsite. Which, by the way, is sprinkle Sevin dust around your site. We received no such warning. So a few days later those little suckers had crawled up through our electric line and into the camper and started to swarm out of the crevices of the ceiling DURING our conference call with a CPA.

Do you know how hard it is to have a professional conference call on SPEAKERphone while quietly trying to swat down armies of ants from your ceiling? And comprehend the exceptionally important information being given to you over the phone??

That phone call couldn’t have ended fast enough and I was back on the phone with the front office asking how in the heck to control these critters. I was not excited about the answer even though I knew what was coming.


I’m not fanatical about NO CHEMICALS but I really don’t want to be spraying chemicals into a tiny camper with two humans and two pets in such close proximity. And I’m not comfortable sprinkling Sevin dust (a pesticide) around a camping area with a dog constantly tied up and walking around, not able to tell the difference to step over the dust ring. But so be it. I’d rather that than a camper full of ants.

So I got the spray, which says it’s ok for pets once dried, and just sprayed where we saw the invaders, not around every single opening, as per instructions. Plus it said the spray could be used inside and out, so I decided to spray the heck out of the electrical entry (not the outlet) and cord instead of sprinkling the dust. Although I bought it, if needed.

So I thought I had the ants under control. I started to breathe easy when a I saw a new trail snaking down behind the stove.


That was it. That when I realized how dirty everything was and I lost it.

The ants broke me.

Dog and cat hair was everywhere. The floor was filthy. “OUT!” I yelled to Mike. “Take the dog and get out! I MUST clean! I can’t take it anymore!”

I kicked them out. They went out for a walk and hadn’t been gone 15 minutes when it started to downpour.

I felt terrible. I called. I asked if I should come get them but he said no. They were fine. And so I continued to clean. And clean. And clean.

And even though the camper reeked of wet dog by the time they got back it was rid of hair, ants and filthy floor scum.

And I felt better.

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