Horn if you’re Honkie

My 20 year high school reunion was this summer and I didn’t go.  I lived in NY and the school was in SC…  yada, yada, yada…. But I did follow all the shenanigans on Facebook (those that were posted, anyway *wink*wink*)

Side note: Yes, I’m acutely aware I just essentially told you my age. I don’t care. I’m 38 and will be 39 in January. If you’re going to lie about your age tell me you’re 50 when you’re only 40 because then I’ll think you look fabulous. Why in the world do people want others to think they are younger than they really are?!?! All you do is have people think you look like crap for your age. It’s not becoming.  Please stop. We all age. Just accept it and be thankful you lived to live another day. And while you’re at it – make each day you have worth living!

Sorry – end of rant. 🙂 

One of the girls at my reunion was Rebecca, one half of the duo, The Nouveaux Honkies. The other half happens to be her husband whom she met sometime after high school. The two are exceptionally talented musicians who play roots Americana, old blues, old country. Great stuff! Several months ago she had announced that the two of them had bought an old 5th wheel and were gutting it to rebuild so they could live in it and hit the road to tour. I had been keeping track of their progress when Michael and I had decided to become full time RVers too.


I shared our plans with Rebecca and we kept in touch as she and Tim hit in the road in the summer. Turns out, one week into our adventure we both were headed to Austin, Texas! Small world!

I may not have made it to our reunion but Rebecca and I finally got back in touch, in person, after 20 years! And all because of full time RVing! We parked together at the same park and hung out all week. Michael and I watched them perform a few times and they showed us some of the great, authentic places Austin has to offer.


First you need to check out South Congress Ave. and Texas National Outfitters. Although an awesome store they also have a little stage and live music during the week!


Did I mention it was Halloween while we were in Austin? Did you know the town’s’ motto is “Keep Austin Weird”?  The problem when rolling into a new town known for it’s uniqueness around Halloween is you don’t know what’s “normal” and what’s “holiday” dressings. For example:


Ok, ok, you got me. This is “The Headless Horseman” and, I believe “God”. (I think.Don’t quote me on the second one. Maybe Noah??) Obviously Halloween characters. But don’t be fooled. These are people, on HORSES, riding on the streets of downtown Austin. But the twist? The Headless Horseman actually plays at Texas National Outfitters too. WITH HIS HORSE! He brings the horse INTO THE STORE! (Not the ass, he harasses the customers. haha!)

One thought on “Horn if you’re Honkie”

  1. Hey- I’ll have you know that “I’m 52” has been working fabulously for me and I don’t intend to stop despite your rant.

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