Lifelong RV Living Prep

I didn’t realize it, and I’m sure he didn’t intend it, but it occurred to me this morning that my dad has accidentally had me in “RV Living Prep” my whole life. I was reminiscing about all the camping and backpacking dad and I did when I was growing up as I was strolling to the showers not just an hour ago. The first shower I’d had in a few days….

Yes, our camper has a shower. And it works great too, I might add. But for those of you not accustomed to this lifestyle, a shower fills up our gray water tank quickly, regardless of the extra low-flow shower head and the “off” switch I added. So it’s easier to use the local facilities and save our contraption for when we’re dry camping.

We are currently at a state campground so you can see why childhood memories of camping popped up so easily. We’d camp at a campground. Or even backpack into the wilderness, carrying everything we needed on our backs. Our adventures always happened in the summer. Dad was a teacher. We’d hit the road and just keep going June through August. We’d hike for hours, sweaty, gross…. set up camp for the night and do it all over again. We don’t need no stinkin’ showers!

Little did I know that this stink and grim tolerance would suit me as an adult. Not that we’re living a disgusting, fly-infested life in our camper. All truth be told, it’s probably cleaner than my house was. When living in such a small place you really have the urge to wipe every surface after every use. But sometimes I feel a little grimy. I blame it on the close quarters. But I can handle it. Sometimes better than Mike. But then again, it’s one hundred percent easier for a guy to jump in a shower and “rinse off” than a girl. There’s no “rinsing off” with medium length hair and legs to shave. I can skip the legs but only a time or two… unless Mike wants to get shredded in the middle of the night and bleed out.

So I’d like to give a big thanks to my dad, Randy, for all the outdoorsy camping and backpacking adventures that prepared me to tolerate the “unusual conditions” I’m currently living in.

Thanks Dad.
Growler Carrier
me and dad posing with the growler carrier he made us!!)

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