Almost Packed and Ready to Hit the Road!

Time is ticking down to pulling out of the driveway! Everything we own has has been:

  • Packed in the camper
  • Packed in a 16′ x 8′ x 8′ POD
  • Sold
  • Donated
  • Trashed

We’re almost there! It’s amazing what you can decide to purge when you need to.

I have decided my biggest challenge living out of a camper will be not buying super sized products! I ALWAYS buy bulk/ largest-sized-for-best-pricing. I already made that mistake when I bought a case of Scott toilet paper for the camper. (You need single ply for the camper toilet.) I think we’ll be teepeeing some friend’s places before we leave – for laughs and to free up some space! So watch out! (but you know I can’t stay up past 10pm anyway so you’re probably not in too much danger.)

Speaking of super sized products… liquor. I normally buy the ginormous sized liquor bottles. because, you know, it’s the best deal! And it’s alcohol. It’s not going to spoil! To be honest we’ve been trying to empty these bottles to keep from bringing them with us. There is no space for huge bottles. I think I’m going to die a little inside when I start buying smaller sizes on purpose. Just so they fit, regardless of the product. Smaller ketchup, smaller liquor bottles, smaller mayo.

Did I mention how small our fridge and freezer are? At least we’ll be eating pretty fresh! I can’t wait to flex my cooking brain again! Although I’ve already unloaded all my vegan-friendly products on my good vegan friend. You just can’t take everything with you! Although pretzels for dinner…. I probably could have made a better choice.

Countdown has started! Pulling out on the 22nd! Headed to the Clemson v. Syracuse football game in Clemson, SC! Did I mention I’m a Clemson grad?? GO TIGERS!


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