Getting ready to hit the road

Welcome to our blog! We are so happy you decided to join our “little” adventure. Maybe you’ve read our About page, but I’m going to tell you a  little more about us anyway and why we decided to start full time RVing and what we’re doing to get ready to hit the road.

I’m Julie and the main author of this blog. Michael is my boyfriend and traveling companion. We live in Central NY (but not for long!!) and decided we had had our last long, dreary, snow-to-your-eyeballs winter here. We bought our camper in August and have been working on fitting it to our specific needs since then. Our specific needs being:

  • Living out of it versus just weekend jaunts
  • Working out of it (luckily we just need Wifi, computers and a printer. No complicated, space-taking machinery)
  • Accommodating living with a cat and an 80 pound, leggy dog

I’m not going to post before and after pictures yet because, well, there are no official “after” pictures now. We didn’t do a huge tear out and overhaul. Luckily our rig was in excellent shape! We just did some personal modifications to suit us. But I still want to show them off eventually.

However there are plenty of things we still have to do to get ready to pack up in leave in two and a half weeks! Of course there are packing things into storage and selling/ giving things away. But there are other things like trying to use up as much food as we can in the pantry. Have you ever tried that? It’s harder than you think.

Look in your pantry at all the random cans and boxes of stuff that you haven’t used in forever. Maybe you bought two cans of something for a unique recipe but ended up using only one. How do you use the other can now without buying any additional ingredients or as few extra ingredients as possible?

Let’s see. In the past two weeks we’ve had:

  • Goya yellow rice mixed with a can of black beans and a can of seasoned diced tomatoes. A few times. (It’s actually pretty good!)
  • Chocolate chip cookies (lots of flour to get rid of, or at least reduce quantity…)
  • Two loaves of honey wheat bread, complete with cracked wheat for texture and SC honey from a family friends’ hives.
  • Oatmeal cookies* (we’ve had that box of regular oats, not quick cook – an accidental buy – for longer than I’d like to admit)
  • Instant roasted garlic potatoes. With nothing else. Just potatoes. I was really hungry and had nothing else available that quickly at 9pm. It was reminiscent of college… I was satisfied.
  • Steel cut oats. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE steel cut oats. But I haven’t made them in quite a while. Which is why I had them sitting around to get rid of in the first place.

*Note: I went through my Betty Crocker cookbook to find this oatmeal cookie recipe. No raisins! Yippee! And it has cinnamon and cloves and yells FALL!!! They are delicious!

I am headed back to the kitchen to see what else we have to whip up or give away within the next 17 days or so. In the meantime I am also researching how to make my WordPress blog more fun and interesting looking. I’m new to this format and I haven’t blogged in years. So please bear with me as I bone up on the ins and outs of WordPress.



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